Nikyta’s Current Classes as of July, 2021:

I will NOT be teaching class on Tues, 8/10/21, and for the whole month of September 2021.

But please join me for these classes:

Saturday morning Yoga on the Labyrinth!

For July and August, I will be offering my Saturday 9 am Vinyasa class, I will be hosting it at the Whispers of Nature Herb Garden Labyrinth at 220 Fisherman Bay Road.

For our yoga class, there is a new tent space and beautiful grassy area. Please bring all your own mats and props, and I will have a few to borrow if you forget. Class is 9-10:30, and please wear weather dependent layers and bring sun protection if needed. You are welcome before or after class to walk the labyrinth as a walking meditation and I will speak more about that process in my classes. I find that the combination of asana and mediation to open us to our subtle body leads to increased awareness, wonder and often blissful openings on the labyrinth. There are also gardens, goats, chickens, and all kinds of vibrant beings on the land, which contribute to the deep feeling of interconnection with the more than human community.
Look forward to my weaving these themes into our practice and poetry.   

To learn more Whispers of Nature’s Labyrinth and labyrinths in general:

All my class packages are good for these classes, 
Drop-In classes on a sliding scale $15-20. 



Tuesday Hatha Yoga, 6 -7:30 pm

**NO CLASS Tues, 8/10/21

I am offering classes in person for fully vaccinated folks on the Oaklotus Studio Lawn at 1058 Islandale and on zoom for folks who want to practice at home. 

Hatha Yoga: Every Tuesday 6- 7:30 pm PST

Meeting ID: 893 5534 7730
Passcode: 430961


Creaky Yoga, Thursday at 10:45-11:45 am PST at Grace Hall

“Creaky Yoga” Program for ages 50 and over. 

Located at 70 Sunset Way, Lopez Island. Grace Hall is the annex next to Grace Episcopal Church.

In person classes for fully vaccinated folks with a hybrid zoom option Please bring your own mats and props if you have them, and check out the Creaky Yoga website for more info:


Nikyta also teaches private sessions for all levels and ages. Please contact her at to schedule a session.

Payment Options: 

Cash or Check



Thank you!!

“Performance Artist Explores Inner & Outer Space of Pandemic Isolation” 

How has this year of pandemic been for you? What inner explorations have you traversed? What outer explorations of our planet have you traveled without ever leaving your home, mediated by screens? 

On Saturday, March 27th from 9 am – 6 pm, come to the Lopez Village Park to see Space Lotus, an interactive performance piece that seeks to explore these questions about our collective experience of this long year.

The Space Lotus is a performance piece that speaks to our collective experience of isolation to mark a full year of Pandemic lockdown. It features Nikyta Palmisani, who is a Performance Artist and Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, in a durational performance piece done inside a 4’ x 4’ transparent cube made from wood and plexiglass. The transparent box is a symbol that speaks to many people’s experience of life suddenly restricted to the four walls of our own homes. The other two metaphors included in the piece are of inner and out space exploration. Nikyta has a background in mental health and was constantly wondering how to better help build resilience during the Pandemic for so many struggling with the sudden isolation. She researched two primary groups who have developed working practices for internal self regulation within isolated environments: astronauts and monks/monastics/yogis. These form the symbolic exploration of the piece: what have been our experiences of inner and outer space during the pandemic? Nikyta will have a livestream through zoom where folks from all over the world can participate in facilitated conversations about these explorations. During the performance Nikyta will spend 1.75 hours at a time in each of these two domains: The Lotus, in practices and conversations about mindfulness and our inner experience of the pandemic, and Space: as an astronaut, who spends all of their waking life mediated by screens that connect the small space capsule to the rest of the Earth through virtual spaces of socialization, work, exercise, and dialogue. 

Audiences are invited to view and interact with Nikyta in person the day of the event through the Covid safe medium of the transparent cube, or to join the livestream conversations via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 850 9480 0797
Passcode: 302329

Schedule of events:

9-10:15 Lotus: Yoga and Mindfulness Class  

10:15-10:45 Mindfulness in the Pandemic Conversation 

10:45 Break

11:00- 12:45: Space Talk cohosted with RP Oates III– a scientist who works delivering biologic payloads to the International Space Station & has participated in NASA’s HERA program.

Topic: Comparisons of pandemic zoom life and space travel

12:45-1:15: Lunch Break

1:15-2:45: Lotus: quiet and present integration

2:45-3: Break

3-4:45: Space talk co-hosted with Gretchen Krampf, Organizational Development Consultant who assists leaders and entrepreneurs towards transformational growth and innovation.

Topic: Planetary transformation and evolution through accelerated interconnectivity

4:45- Break 

5-6 pm: Lotus: integrated wrap up of the day, time in quiet meditation and take aways 

**All events are free and will be live streamed through zoom through the above link.


Valentines Pop Up Sale
with work from Nikyta Palmisani and Matia Jones
Saturday, Feb 13th 12 -4 pm 
Oaklotus Studio: 1058 Islandale Rd
Only 3 folks at a time, masked, with air filter 
Covered space to wait outside, warm fire if weather allows

Pop Up Poetry Sale!
Nikyta Palmisani will be offering poetry four ways, because we can all use a lot more love these days! 

-Poetigrams: Come get a one-of a kind hand typed improvisational poem on a Valentine, you can choose from a menu of genres: Romantic, Erotic, Comedic, Absurd, Noir

**You may also get a poetigram live on Zoom and I will take a photo and email/text it to you, and then send you the original via post. Here is the live zoom link: Meeting ID: 853 3162 1753 Passcode: 874445

-Messages in a Bottle, Love Letters from the Universe: get a handwritten poetic message in a decorative bottle for yourself or a friend!

-Poetic Mystery Grab Bags: ah the fun of getting a beautifully wrapped surprise! These each have a wonderful book inside to speak to the poetics of being alive, and other fun romantic accoutrements like candles, wine glasses, etc.

-Original books of poetry for sale “Dancing the Bones of a Far Older Future”.

Matia Jones is showing her visual art work prints, art cards, and ephemeral line of jewelry made from the natural world. 
She speaks about her work: 

“All of my artwork is inspired by the natural world. I create with deep gratitude and respect for the magnificent planet that we all share and depend upon. In addition to the forms and creations of nature inspiring my motifs, my processes and materials also reflect this reverence for the earth. All the jewelry is made from responsibly sourced gemstones. The sterling silver is from a net zero company in CO that reclaims and recycles silver. All pieces are one of a kind.”

To learn more about Matia’s work:

We look forward to seeing you!

Hygge in the Heart, Local Authors Book Reading Festival

Hygge is a Danish word and concept, defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). Hygge-making items often include good books, warming beverages, candles and firelight, cozy blankets, and time indoors. To create more Hygge on Lopez for the very cold and dark month of January, Nikyta Palmisani, in partnership with Lopez Bookshop is hosting “Hygge in the Heart, Local Authors Book Reading Festival”. This online festival begins Friday, January 8 and runs through Saturday, January 23, 2021. Readings will be done over Zoom on Friday and Saturday nights at 5:30 pm PST for an hour. 

An anthology is available for purchase at Lopez Bookshop with writings from many of the authors featured. All proceeds from the sale of the anthology go to support Lopez Bookshop who helps provide Hygge for our community all year long. 

So now, pour yourself a favorite beverage, get cozy on the couch or by the fire, light some candles, and have beloved local Lopezian authors zoom into your living room and read you stories and poetry!

Zoom Link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 2805 7303
Passcode: 640658

Artisan Sale for Winter Solstice,

Saturday, December 19, 2021

12 pm – 5 pm, OakLotus Studio: 1058 Islandale Rd, Lopez Island

Come join Nikyta Palmisani and Matia Jones for a Winter Solstice Artisan sale of jewelry, art cards, visual art pieces and prints. 
Only 3 people maximum inside the studio at a time, masked, with HEPA air filter. Fire outside for waiting, with masks and distance. Thank you! 

About Matia Jones’ work: All of my artwork is inspired by the natural world. I create with deep gratitude and respect for the magnificent planet that we all share and depend upon. In addition to the forms and creations of nature inspiring my motifs, my processes and materials also reflect this reverence for the earth. All the jewelry is made from responsibly sourced gemstones. The sterling silver is from a net zero company in CO that reclaims and recycles silver. All pieces are one of a kind

“Lichen the Mythical”
Three new bodies of work
by Nikyta Palmisani:

-Mandala art greeting cards—original photography & found art 

-Small Visual art assemblages of antique folkloric dolls & toys, local flora and fauna on found objects and found wood.

“Dancing the Bones of a Far Older Future” signed books for sale